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What is 12 Month Rise

"12 Month rise is on a mission to guide 500 amazing millennials through their most transformative year yet 💪."

We’ve created a system for people just like you using “Bricks.” With Bricks, the 12MR community will start building healthy habits and more fulfilling lives -- each week, each month, each year.

What's A "Brick?"

If you're like us, you're sick of making New Year’s Resolutions every year, only to fall right back into your old habits. We decided to break that cycle by taking on a
different challenge every month.

We call each challenge a “Brick.

Brick - The habits and challenges we will be taking on each month as a group. Brick by brick, we will work together to reach new heights.

Why “Bricks”?

Rooted in psychology, these habit-forming Bricks push you to grow outside of your comfort zone and rise to new elevations.

The term ‘Brick’ jumped out at us for multiple reasons. As you know, bricks are used for building structures. We often hear the phrase, “one brick at a time,” which aligns perfectly with what we are all doing in this group.

Strong, long-term, healthy habits are not built overnight.

We Needed to Add a few other Materials to the Equation.

✔️ Accountability
✔️ Guidance
✔️ Knowledge
✔️ Structure
✔️ Momentum

Inside the group, we will teach you all about the science of habits so you can tap into your habit cycle and create the life you want.

How Do the “Bricks” Work?

Each month of 12MR has a carefully chosen theme, but you get to choose your own “Brick.”

This allows for flexibility in choosing the right habit or challenge that fits your needs.

Remember, we'll be doing a different theme every month and you’ll be choosing your own Brick -- for a total of 12 Bricks.

What's a "Block"

We thought that 12 bricks is nice, but what if we focused on one big challenge throughout the entire year as well?

You don't have to focus on it every day, but you make progress towards it each month.

We call it a 'Block.'

Block: Your one year-long challenge.

Don't worry, we'll be checking in on your progress throughout the year so you don't forget about it. How do we do that? 👇


How It Works

Everything takes place in the
Facebook group “12 Month Rise”

  • Check in weekly for new videos, recommendations and more
  • Share your experiences in our monthly check-ups
  • Connect with your guides and other millennials in the group
  • Track your progress on worksheets provided by 12MR
  • Not engaging in the group? We’ll reach out to you to see what’s up.


Each Month will Follow a Similar Schedule.

Week 1:
Brick Overview + Conclusion of previous brick

Week 2: Update 1

Week 3: Update 2

Week 4: Update 3 + Final Climb!

Other Benefits to Joining the Group


✔️ Expert advice from guest speakers

✔️ Free tools and resources

✔️ Book recommendations

✔️ Brick tracking worksheets

✔️ 15% Off your SELF Journal

✔️ And more



Here is a video made by the creators of the SELF Journal that dives deeper into how it works!


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Meet Lara

Group Guide

Hi! My name is Lara. I'm 27 years old, an Austin native, and Fort Collins transplant since this last April.

I've been a vegetarian for 11 years, love staying active, rescuing animals is my passion, and won't ever say no to a glass of red wine.

I grew up in a household where making resolutions and goals for the New Year was always something discussed around November/December, and as I got older continued the tradition with myself.

For a couple of years, moving out of state was on that list, and now that I accomplished it, I've felt lost in terms of what to look forward to in 2019.

Recently, I've had urges to alter my career path, and I’ve felt antsy, unmotivated, and lacking direction. I realized that no one is going to fix this for me except myself, and finding what it is I want to tackle next is something I'll have to look for through trial and error.

I approached Miles with The 12 Month Rise idea because I knew he's experienced similar feelings, is dedicated, and by reaching out to him I challenged myself.

I met Miles in 8th grade and wasn't sure if he'd want to rekindle a friendship as adults--but you never know unless you try!

Clearly, he agreed, so I think that means I gained an old/new friend, which at this age is difficult and rare.

So thank you, Miles, for joining me on this journey to discovering our strengths, weaknesses, and new personal development. I can't wait to see what 2019 has in store!

Meet Miles

Group Guide

Nice to meet you! Like many, I went through school, graduated with a marketing degree and then worked 3 jobs in 2 years, two of which were hell. I knew I wanted WAY more out of life so I started exploring a more entrepreneurial route.

I built a couple little passion brands, started a little marketing company, met a bunch of cool people, and learned more in 1 year than I did in my entire college career.

My world consists of marketing, writing, getting out of my comfort zone, getting into nature, learning, growing, traveling, creating, and helping people find their sweet spot.

I was born in Austin, Texas and currently live in Fort Collins, Colorado and am pursuing my vision of changing the way our education system works.

Every December I start to get excited for a new year, a fresh start, an opportunity to elevate myself to new levels. Every year, I start out strong then slowly fade right back into my bad habits.

When Lara approached me with this idea, I was all in right away. I thought, “Let's get others on board!” And so, 12MR was born.

I can't wait to meet the amazing people who join us and I’m even more excited to see where we’ll all be in 12 months.


This Group is for you if:

  • You're eager to find some momentum in self development
  • You're looking for an awesome community of millennials looking to take action
  • You're looking for guidance and accountability.
  • You're looking to achieve more in 2019 than any other year
  • You're looking to break bad habits and build good ones that will last
  • You're looking to challenge and push yourself to grow
  • You're committed to staying with us for 12 months and elevating your being
  • You like growth and learning new things
  • You believe consistency is key

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You always have freedom to leave the group at any time.
  • We do, however, only allow for a refund within the first 30 days for both plans.
  • We want you to be committed, so make sure you want to be a part of this before you join.
  • You can always message us directly if you have an emergency.
  • Lara and Miles are you guides, but they will be working throughout the year to bring in experts on the topic of each month.
  • For example, month one we will have a physical health expert of some kind. A personal trainer  and sleep expert come talk to us about how we can get the most out of our brick.

The official start date is January 3rd, 2019!

We will be prepping you for the countdown and making sure you have all the tools you need to have your most transformative year.

Ready to Join Us?!

It's time to experience your most transformative year ever.


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